Greg, Aviva, & Ayelet

Dear birth parents,

Thank you for taking a look at our portfolio! Choosing adoption is not an easy decision to make and we greatly respect your courage and strength in doing so. We understand that finding the right family to nurture and raise your child is a challenge. Ever since we have talked about having a family, we knew adoption was going to be a big part of growing our family!
In addition to lots of love, an adopted child will get their own room in our home, financial support for college, and opportunities to travel in the US and internationally.

Let us to introduce ourselves:

Ayelet loves…
getting hugs and kisses from Aviva and Greg and swimming with Aviva. I’m an affectionate, silly, laid-back mom. I’m a part-time project manager at a website development and design agency in Fort Collins.

Greg loves….
being a dad. I get to spend every afternoon and the whole summer with Aviva. We like to explore Fort Collins. We go to the library, see kid-focused musical performances, or play on playgrounds almost everyday. I am a high school science teacher who specializes in working with English Language Learners.

Aviva is…
our 4-year-old biological daughter who is social, kind, and can’t wait to be a big sister. Her favorite things include eating fruit, reading, making music, painting/coloring, and trying to pet our two cats.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us better!

Greg, Aviva and Ayelet,