Dearest Birth Parent(s),

We don’t know you yet. We don’t know your journey, or your story. But even without knowing you, we know that you are so strong, and so brave. And we know that the baby that you will bring into this world will be too. We cherish you as much as we will cherish this sweet baby. We promise to love him or her with everything that we have, to hold them close, to teach them life lessons with love and kindness, to laugh with them, to support them, to grow with them, and to always be their soft place to land.

Our names are Bethany and Andy. We love each other deeply, and we love our son, Samuel, deeply. Samuel is eight years old and he can’t wait to be a big brother. His smile – it can light up a room. And his compassion for others will make him a wonderful big brother. He already talks about how much he will love and protect his little brother or sister.

We (Beth and Andy) grew up together. We developed a close friendship as kids and eventually started dating in high school. While we know that it doesn’t work for everyone, we didn’t waste ay time and, three months after Beth graduated from high school, we got married. We celebrated 12 years of marriage on September 22nd. We are so thankful for the friendship and bond that we share, and we are proud of the work that we have put into loving each other well over the years. Samuel is our biological son and joined our family in 2011. He immediately filled up our lives with even more laughter and love.

We run a restaurant, which can be hard work, but it provides well for us. Andy runs the business and Beth supports in various ways (cleaning, marketing, administrative work, and providing homemade goodies for the hardworking crews). This allows Beth to have flexible hours so that she can mostly stay home with Samuel.

We are simple family. We love listening to music, playing games, cooking, and being outdoors together. Camping, hiking, yoga, and days spent at the swimming pool are some of our favorite things to do. We also love nights in watching a family movie.

Education is important to us. Mostly the dig-deep, keep learning and growing kind of education. We believe that learning opportunities can be found all around us: through books, through music, through art, and through our relationships and connections with others. As we go through life learning, we do our best to be a place of support to one another.

We aren’t religious people, but we are spiritual. The God we serve is love. Love that is untethered by judgement or close-mindedness. We set boundaries when we feel they are needed, but we believe in love and kindness above all else.

We can’t imagine the magnitude of the decision that you are making. We want you to know that we will love this baby with everything that we have. Even though life is constantly changing, our love and admiration for you and for this baby will not.

Thank you for considering us as your adoptive family and for giving us the chance to grow our family by making this brave choice. Adoption has always been something that we knew we wanted in our lives and, as fate would have it, it was exactly how we would need to grow our family after Samuel’s birth. And we are deeply aware that without you, none of it would be possible.

We are sending you so much love in this moment,
Andy, Bethany, and Samuel McGee