Facing an unplanned pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy

​Coming to terms with being pregnant can be easier said than done. Whether you were surprised by the results of your pregnancy test or simply disappointed, dealing with an important pregnancy is going to be an emotional journey. Pregnancy whether planned or not is a life-changing event, and you never get the same, no matter what you ultimately decide to do.

Coping with an unplanned pregnancy is a highly personal process. While this blog can’t tell you exactly how to accept pregnancy in your specific circumstances, we have outlined some tips for coping with pregnancy and moving forward with the decision you feel good about. To learn more about how to cope with your unwanted pregnancy you can contact adoption specialist directly with Adoption Dreams Come True anytime for free support by calling one 800 281-6690.

Step 1: See a doctor to confirm your pregnancy and learn how to take care of yourself and your baby.

The first step in facing pregnancy is to confirm that your definitely pregnant. Once it’s confirmed that you are it is important that you begin taking care of yourself and your baby as best you can even if you don’t ultimately decide to parent your baby. While you are in initial phases of wondering how to deal with an un planned pregnancy, taking care of yourself is healthy way to forward in the coping process.

If possible, schedule an appointment with the healthcare provider for your first prenatal visit to be screened for any issues that could lead to complications. If you use alcohol or drugs stop using does this count you baby. You’ll want to begin watching what you eat taking prenatal supplements, you should get plenty of rest and maintain exercise regimen to help your body prepare for this journey.

Step 2: Take the time to come to terms with being pregnant.

Facing an pregnancy needs facing all the complicated emotions that come with it. Coping with her pregnancy will be different process for everyone is likely to involve range of emotions. If you’re feeling shock anger or depression this is normal and be expected.

Maybe you are scared to the baby’s father. Maybe you were afraid that people think. Maybe thought you were being safe and are confused about how this could happen. It is completely acceptable to knowledge and process all these thoughts and feelings. In fact, taking some time to work to the students will bring you much closer to ultimately excepting an unplanned pregnancy.

Even if you’re sure you’re ready to be a mom, it’s okay to be alarmed at the prospect of going to pregnancy and birth when you were expecting to. Feelings this feeling be increased if you’re sure you wish to become a parent. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to how to deal with an unexpected pregnancy.

Step 3: Build a support system.

Facing pregnancy, especially when it doesn’t and were even in wanted can feel lonely. During this emotional time in your life, it’s important to have people and corner. Your support system might be comprised of your child’s father, family members, or close friends. Anyone who will support your decisions as you move forward and work to help you in whatever ways you need can be an excellent person to have around when dealing with unplanned pregnancy.

However, it is important to remember that no one else can tell you how to deal with being pregnant what choice to make for yourself and your baby. Should someone the unsupportive of your wishes, whether that’s the father baby, apparent, a sibling, or a friend, that person does not have to be involved with your decision-making process. You and you alone know what’s right for you and your baby; everyone else must respect your right to deal with an unwanted pregnancy as you see fit.

Step 4: learn everything you can about your unplanned pregnancy options.

Once you start making process in coming to terms of being pregnant and they’re ready to sit down and make decisions about how to forward comment it’s important research all three of your unplanned pregnancy options. Every pregnant woman ultimately has three: parenting, abortion and adoption. As excited decide how to do with your unwanted pregnancy there is requesting just ask yourself about each.

1.Parenting: Am I ready to become a mother? Can I financially afford to raise a child? Am I mentally prepare to provide for my baby with everything here she needs? Well I have help raising the child?

2. Abortion: is abortion really a “quickfix” to this problem? How much will cost? Does my state have any laws that make this choice more difficult?

3. Adoption: How will I feel about another family raising my child? Will I get to see my baby again?

You can speak with doctors, options counselors, and even adoption professionals to learn more about each of your options and have to deal with your pregnancy anyway that is best for you. You may find that, after working through how to accept being pregnant and overcoming the initial shock pregnancy, you are actually helpful and excited about the opportunity to raise your baby.

Or, as you’re researching options and coping with a feeling find that adoption or abortion is a better way of dealing with your unwanted pregnancy right now. And that’s perfectly okay! Your choice is okay.

Step 5: Speak with the counselor about how to cope with being pregnant unexpectedly.

At Adoption Dreams Come True, we offer counseling to pregnant women wondering how to deal with unplanned pregnancies. This is always an option for you if you want to speak with a counselor about how to cope the unexpected pregnancy, whether you are ultimately choosing adoption or not. It is FREE.

The social worker can help you process your emotions, determine which people in your life should be let into your decision, learn more about each unplanned pregnancy options, and connect you with any and all resources to pursue adoption, in addition to simply providing a listening ear. Knowing how to accept an unplanned pregnancy isn’t easy, but it is the first step toward making the best possible decision for yourself and your pregnancy moving forward, and we are here to help. To learn more about Adoption Dreams Come True by calling us at 800- 281-6690.