We at Adoption Dreams Come True along with The Colorado Office of Children and Families Division of Child Welfare which is our Governing body understand the global outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus, continues to evolve and disrupt many aspects of our daily lives. This is a difficult and uncertain time, and our first concern is for you and your families. We hope you are all safe and taking precautions to stay that way.

We understand what a challenging time this is for you and your families. This is new territory for all of us but know how critical it is that we all work together to support each other. The same high level of reliability and service that you know and expect from us will continue.

This is an unprecedented time, with many physical businesses seeing lower foot traffic or closing temporarily. We understand that many of you are adapting your lives to support your life in this way of living. Given the evolving landscape you are facing, we too want to limit your exposure while providing you with care.

We are implementing protocols to ensure the safety, care and well-being of our adoptive families, birth parents, children/youth, and Dream Room Clients as well as our staff, volunteers and Board within related to infectious disease (See Below). We will be following CDC guidelines regarding cleanliness, no one will be working who is showing signs of illness (which is no one at this point) and otherwise working only essential hours. We will also use Covid19 Screening (see below). We have always been on call 24 x 7 and will continue to do so for birth parents and are available to our adoptive families and waiting families via phone/email to discuss any issues. Our staff will be available to answer any questions you might have, understanding that we may not have all the answers at this time. We will not have Dream Room hours but will help with emergency needs upon request via phone call and assessment of need.

It is more important than ever that you let us know if you are traveling or become ill in the event of a match or placement for licensed families. It will not prevent the match but the timing of placement.

For adoptive families who currently have a placement, we will work closely with you on post-placement visits and our ability to use protective measures for everyone involved.

If there are any policy or procedural changes directed by the Department of Human Services that impact our work, we will let you know immediately.

As our licensed families know, we have cancelled our annual Adoptive Family Training on April 4th for 2020 but will reschedule in early 2021. This training is for licensed families only, not Waiting Families

Let’s do this
We are encouraged by all the good we are seeing in our communities in spite of all the challenges we’re facing. We hope you, your family, friends, and loved ones stay safe. Take care of yourselves and each other. We’ll get through this. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have. Thanks for being a part of the Adoption Dreams family.

Cindy, Ginger, Adrienne, Desiree, Monica



Date: Time:

Screening Employee:

Do you have:
Fever within past 24 hours:
Sore throat
Shortness of breath

And/or the following within the past 14 days:

Recent Travel to high risk areas
Exposure to someone with documented or suspected COVID-19)
esides in a community where community-based spread of COVID-19 is occurring

If staff or visitors answer yes to any of these questions, do not allow them into your facility. Follow your facility’s protocols for what to do next. (A review by medical personnel should be available for questionable situations.)Please contact your supervisor if needed for additional guidance.*All completed forms must be saved.


• There will be no waivers for the safety, care and well-being of children. There will be no suspension of current rules in our work with child welfare and with the certified adoptive homes. We can appeal
a rule. We will follow the protocols as the state provided, and if we need to stray from those protocols out of concern for the child/youth or caretaker, the agency will need to submit an emergency
appeal for approval.

• We are required Notify CDHS about any specific child or youth who is receiving guidance or consultation from their local public health department. We must contact our assigned Licensing and Monitoring
Specialist for further guidance.

• All Adoption Dreams Come True’s services should continue, in accordance with regulation 7.710.42A, unless there is justified concern of a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure that is documented in the official
case record. An emergency appeal must be submitted to the Department for approval.

• If there is a need to quarantine a child in care, We will contact our assigned Licensing and Monitoring Specialist for further guidance.

• If there becomes a staff shortage our assigned Licensing and Monitoring Specialist must be notified immediately for consultation.

• During a face-to-face visit with families, if we identify a person in close contact who is high risk for COVID-19 as being of high risk of COVID-19 in the individual or their close contacts, , we will
call local public health officials/agency.

• Our Response decisions will always consider the safety needs of children and the safety needs of all involved. Unless there is an identified concern around exposure to COVID-19, response to concerns
about a child’s safety and well-being we occur according to law and applicable regulation.

• If there are concerns related to safety and COVID-19, our assigned Licensing and Monitoring Specialist must be consulted on what next steps are needed if face-to-face monthly contact time is:
• Directly affected by a COVID-19 outbreak;Does not affect the safety of the victim child; and,Is justified in the case record.

• Adoptive Parents or Cradle Care providers should immediately report any health concern of a child in their care (e.g., fever or other symptoms) to the child’s pediatrician and notify the agency.
• If a care provider suspects that they or anyone in the home has symptoms potentially related to COVID-19, the care provider should immediately contact their healthcare provider or local public health

• Our Agencies must contact your assigned Licensing and Monitoring Specialist to review modifications to services or programming that restricts the rights of children or that may result in non-

• No child or youth should be removed from care without first consulting the placing agency/authority.

* Adoption Dreams Come True must report, a Critical Incident Report if a child in placement has a parent who is confirmed of having a mandatory reportable illness, as required by the Colorado Department
of Public Health and Environment, in accordance with 7.701.52(4).

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children:

• Currently, Colorado will not allow children to enter Colorado on an approved ICPC to a home if the child is diagnosed or shows signs of COVID-1