Dear birthparent(s),

We are so excited to meet you and have the opportunity to begin this journey together. Thank you for taking to the time to get to know us, and also for your bravery and courage in making this decision. You truly are a hero!

Family is very important to us, and though, together, we have a large extended family across the United States, we have always yearned for a child/ren of our own. We have always thought the world of people who have chosen to place their child for adoption and also, people who accept those children into their families. We can’t wait to raise a compassionate, kind and fun loving human in a beautifully diverse family.

We met in Breckenridge, CO in 2008, both, living out our ski-bum fantasies. It was love at first sight when Crystal picked up the lonely skiing hitchhiker.  We married in 2013 in lovely Fort Collins, CO. With dreams of adding more to our happy family, we began infertility treatments. After discovering early in 2018 that our hopes of having a biological child were impossible, it was clear to us that adoption was our path. The two of us have been overwhelmed with excitement ever since about the prospect of growing our family through adoption.

We live in a cozy home in Wellington, CO, with a view of the mountains and two awesome dogs named Reeko (8 years old) and Chaco (3 years old). Cooking together and nature being our nurture, we always find ways to turn everything we do into a date. Crystal is the director and proud owner of a local Montessori school. In her free time, Crystal enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, camping and creating healthy and delicious meals. Jon has worked for Vestas blades for 7 years and is proud to work in the clean energy industry. Jon is an avid fisherman and outdoorsmen who is also a skilled snow skier and hockey player.

The two of us hope you consider us as family. He or she will have a loving, nourishing, and peaceful home life with ample friends and family nearby. Also, he or she will have an educational home away from home with a community built on genuine relationships that are life long, and a support system you wouldn’t believe. We honor you and we honor your choice.

We want you to know we admire you for taking this leap of faith with us and we want to make you proud. You are a mother/father. And what makes you a mother/father, and our hero, is that you’ve used all your power, strength, courage and faith, to choose the adoption journey. Please know we are thinking about you and we respect what the universe has in store for our families.

All our best to you and yours,
The Koonsies