When we were talking about how to introduce ourselves to you, we kind of got stuck. I’m sure all these letters start to sound the same after a while, and so Jason suggested we just acknowledge the facts of the situation… we’re all here together, in this moment, because something in our lives hasn’t gone the way we expected. For Jason and me, we waited to start our family until our careers were established and we’d done a fair share of adventuring. When it came time to start a family we were VERY ready! The reality is, it’s taken longer to get the ball rolling than we expected. We’ve always known we wanted adoption to be a part of building our family, so we started the process early in our journey, and we’re glad we did because, in all our anticipation, the prospect of meeting you and your child one day has given us something to hold on to. 

We’ve learned a lot about adoption in preparation for supporting our child and two components are clear: Loss and Love. We don’t want to shy away from the fact that you’re making this decision out of love and that kind of sacrifice takes courage. We’re committed to working with you through an open adoption to mitigate that sense of loss and we hope that you’ll grow to trust that we will parent and provide the best life possible for your child.

We’re both from the Northern Colorado area; Jason from Longmont and Audrey from Fort Collins. We spent some time exploring the world and have since returned to settle down. We’re fortunate to still have a big community of family and friends around us, many of whom are also just starting their family. Growing up, Audrey worked summers running day camps for kids at the Farm at Lee Martinez Park and we continue to volunteer there for events like Treatsylvania (Halloween). Audrey’s parents live just up the dirt road, so we’re always taking Susan (dog) on walks across the pasture or driving to Lake McConaughy in Nebraska for long weekends at Jason’s parents’ cabin. 

We work hard and play hard! We’ve both had the opportunity to develop careers that reflect our values. Audrey works at CSU investigating interpersonal violence. Jason has been a Firefighter Paramedic in Denver for close to 10 years now. We both chose challenging careers because we want to feel like we are contributing to a better world in some way. We balance the hard work with lots of play/fun and travel. A couple of times a year we either travel internationally to learn more about the world or organize big group trips for our friends. This is a tradition we’d like to continue with our kids! 

On July 23rd we celebrated our 5th anniversary. While our lives are full of love and joy, there’s a void we know will only be filled by starting a family. We believe deeply in the old adage that ‘it takes a village to raise a child‘ and we’re excited to grow our community through Open Adoption. The values that serve as the foundation for our relationship with each other will inform the values we bring to parenting: Compassion, Integrity, Education/Growth, and Fun/Adventure. Regardless of who you choose or what you decide in this experience, we know this child will embody your values of strength and generosity! Thank you for being exactly who you are! 

Wishing you all the best,

~ Jason, Audrey, & Susan