Dear Birthparent(s), 

Hi! We are Jeff, Felicia, and Charlie. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our family as a potential place for your child. 

After many years of trying to birth children ourselves, we were blessed with the miracle of adopting Charlie thanks to Adoption Dreams Come True who helped us create a Family. We were both excited and relieved to get the opportunity to be parents and our Dreams really did come true that day! 

The past year has been so incredibly full of love and Charlie is a treasure that is beyond our expectations. There is so much love in our house, our second child will be coming into a happy family ready for them! 

We have always wanted two children. We both grew up with one sibling and know how comforting it is to have that special connection with a brother or sister. Charlie is very social and absolutely in love with people and other children, he is ready for a sibling to play with and grow up with.  We know how amazingly fun and exciting it was to support Charlie the past year, so we are really looking forward to adopting a second child into our loving family. 

We really enjoyed meeting Charlie’s birth parents and had a beautiful connection with them; we all felt it was meant to be. We now look forward to meeting our next child’s birthparents and creating another situation that helps you the birthparents fill your needs, and helps us complete our family.  We understand and honor and respect the adoption process and feel we will be matched with the right birthparents and the right child again. Thank you for looking at our family and getting to know us and considering us – we are grateful for you!

Much love and appreciation,

Jeff, Felicia, and Charlie