Dear Birth Parents,

In looking at our computer files we can see that it has been exactly two years since we finalized our first adoption portfolio. So much can change in two years. Since we completed that last adoption portfolio we have lost two very close family members and we have gained our first child through adoption. To say that time flies in the past two years would be an understatement for us.

We have had the great privilege to bring into our family, through adoption, our son Jacob Zane Wendell. Our adoption was finalized in February, 2016. He is such a happy child and we are thrilled each day that he is in our lives. This past weekend we spent in the area of Denver celebrating Kristy’s birthday and visiting with Jacob’s birth family. Adoption has been a blessing to our family and we want to thank you for considering your child’s needs and looking at our portfolio.

Our lives have always had a heavily rural influence. Kristy was raised on a farm in western Iowa. She grew up with a yard full of angus cattle and other critters and is a former Iowa Angus Queen! Growing up she was heavily involved in 4-H projects, sports, band and many other activities. Passing along a love of animals and involvement in community is something she wants to instill in our children.

Josh was raised in Western Nebraska and has always enjoyed the country settings. He went to a small school in western Nebraska and was involved in nearly every school activity. Following graduation from high school Josh pursued an agricultural science degree at the University of Wyoming and later a law degree from the University of Nebraska.
We met at a county fair in Iowa in 1999, and married on Saint Patrick’s day a couple of years later. For a while after we married we farmed and ranched in western Nebraska, then we moved around while Josh attended law school. We have been settled in Ogallala since 2010 and enjoy our lives here.

We both feel that small town living provides many benefits to raising children. Neighbors are always watching out for each others’ kids and the school system can provide many opportunities to kids in athletics, band, speech & drama as well as scholastics. We feel that growing up in this environment can assist in developing good, well rounded kids who have solid work ethics and are able to make good decisions about their lives.

Our lives are a mix of rural living and careers in town. Josh is a partner in a law firm and Kristy works in human resources for a local hospital. As for the rural side of our lives we enjoy spending time on our farm and ranch. We own some farmland and a small cowherd. Right now we are “weekend farmers” and enjoy both our careers as well spending time on the ranch.
Our son Jacob, who is 19 months old as we write this, loves to wave at our cows that are in the pasture by our house. He gets excited and yells “moooooo” at them when we go by. Being a parent to him is so much fun seeing him discover the world helps us see all God’s wonder around us. A child’s enthusiasm for life truly changes how you see the world.

We have been married for sixteen years and we both know that we are ready to adopt another child. Both of us have strong relationships with our siblings and we would like for Jacob and his sibling to have a sibling relationship. We both feel that another child would complete our family and give Jacob and his new sibling a support network that can last throughout their lives.
Thank you! We are so glad you took the time to take a look at us! We have every belief that we can offer a very special environment for your child with excellent stability and lots of love. We treasure our families and the upbringing they provided to us. We would love to meet you and get to know more about you.

Josh, Kristy & Jacob