Our names are Kate and Aaron Fromm. Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know us. We wanted to share a little about ourselves and our families.
We live in Longmont, CO and have been together for 15 years and married for 10. We met while playing in-line hockey on a team sponsored by the company we both worked for. Soon after we went to Hawai’i together and have continued to enjoy many activities together ever since. On weekends, we like to go to the farmer’s market and then make dinner together. Often, we explore Colorado, spending time in the mountains hiking or going to Denver to see an art exhibit or a play.  Scuba diving has taken us around the world. We can’t wait to have children so that we can share these experiences with them. Both of us have parents nearby. Kate’s are in Longmont, and Aaron’s are in Denver. They cannot wait to be grandparents again. We also have two cats, Zarya and Geronimo, who came from shelters as kittens.

Aaron moved around a bit as a child, but his family settled in Fort Collins when he was in middle school, and he has loved living in Colorado ever since. He grew up in a close family and played baseball, skied, and was an Eagle Scout. He has one brother, who lives in California with his family. Aaron went to the University of Colorado for his Bachelors’ and Master’s degrees. Now he works in software sales, and his work takes him all over the country.
Kate grew up in Maryland with her sister and her parents. She was an active and involved child who enjoyed academics, theater and sports equally. She graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Russian Language. After moving from Hawai’i to Alaska to Florida she finally settled in Colorado. It was while working as a web developer that she met Aaron. Soon after she went back to school at CU Boulder to study ceramics and art history. Now she spends her time exploring many different, creative avenues including working out, knitting and crocheting, cooking and baking, and learning to dance. She feels it is never too late to learn something new.

We are so excited to extend our family, even though infertility made this a longer journey than we initially expected. However, it has allowed us to grow stronger as a couple and to really understand how much we want to be parents. We cannot wait to love our children, share new experiences and adventures with them, and support them as they discover the amazing people they want to be. We believe in love, fun, warmth, communication and understanding.

We know that you are making a brave, difficult, and deeply personal decision. Thank you again for all you are doing. Please know that we support you and wish you all the best.
With Love,
Kate and Aaron