Dear Birth Parent(s),

This is by far the toughest letter we have ever had to write. As we sit here, we are scared, nervous, and unsure of the future. You may also be in that same position.

Our journey to have a baby has been one full of heartbreak. We have been happily married for five years and started actively trying to start a family for the last three. We have undergone multiple medical procedures and fertility treatments with no success. Despite all of this, our desire to be parents is greater than ever. To have a child in our home to love and cherish is still our dream. We have explored several different paths to becoming parents and have concluded open adoption is best for the birth parent(s), the child, and us.

We both grew up in Texas and had amazing childhoods. Although culturally different, both of us were raised in loving homes where we were given amazing opportunities to thrive and just be kids.

We currently live in Colorado Springs in a beautiful neighborhood filled with all the amenities a child could want. From pools to a zip line park, our neighborhood truly has it all.

Both of us serve our country in the United States Army in different capacities. Thomas deals in satellites while Kiara is a lawyer. The best part of our day is coming home to each other and although our home is filled with an abundance of love, the absence of the sound of little footsteps and children laughing is deafening.

I can only imagine how hard the decision you are making is. I want you to know that should you allow us to adopt your baby, they will be so incredibly loved. We will spare no expense when it comes to raising him or her. We envision a child laughing and playing in our yard with friends, having the opportunity to go to summer camps to explore nature and the outdoors, and traveling with us to learn about other countries and cultures. We will raise a child to love animals, nurture a sense of wonder and adventure, love them unconditionally no matter the situation, and be their biggest supporters.

Thank you for considering us.

Kiara and Thomas