Dear Expecting Parent(s), 

We are so honored to be under your consideration for creating a loving and caring future for  your child. We are Kristin (goes by Kree) and Animesh and we have been a family of two (or  three if a goofy rescued pup counts) since our marriage. We cannot wait to begin a new chapter  featuring a little munchkin! We have attempted to be parents for several years and have  struggled with infertility. The challenges with infertility have not only made us closer but also more determined to create a fun-filled, healthy and loving home for a child. Being a parent is our  dream. We are a positive thinking couple with stable careers. Animesh is a successful senior  executive at a large technology company and Kree is an experienced educator who enjoys  guiding kids to become better humans. 

We met in 2014 and things fell into place. We quickly realized that we were made for each  other. After several family reunions (with rather large, fun families on both sides) and traveling  together, we got married in 2016 and have since been wanting to start our family. 

We share common family values, believe that the good comes around, the importance of  education in our lives, and how humanity is strong and relevant. We both believe that helping  others is the reason why we exist.  

We are very fortunate to live a comfortable life near Denver, where we share a beautiful home  with a large backyard and mountain views. We love spending time with family and friends,  hosting get-togethers, playing board games, being outdoors exploring nature, staying healthy  and fit and most importantly, creating happiness around us and making people laugh. We can’t  wait to travel around the world to spend holidays and relax with our families, make science  experiments, arts and crafts, play in our big yard, camp in the most serene places, and share  the beauty of the world with a little one. 

We are very open minded and flexible with the type of adoption arrangement you may prefer.  We have so much love to give and feel blessed that you have the confidence to consider our  family. We want you to know that your baby will be loved unconditionally. We will nurture  him/her to be the best that s/he can be and will be just what the world needs. We know this will  not be easy. We hope to be part of your journey and wish to extend the peace of mind you  yearn for. Our hearts go out to you no matter what you decide. Thank you for allowing us to  share our story! 

With lots of love and gratitude, 

Kree & Animesh