This letter is one that no one can prepare you to write.  Forgive us if it’s awkward, or impersonal, but there’s a lot of pressure on it for us as we want to find the best way to share with you who we are while acknowledging the process we are engaging in together.  Right now it’s a one sided conversation, and we do better when there’s exchanges of information, so please forgive us if this seems cheesy or inauthentic.  We are hopeful to know you and want you to know how brave we think you are.

We met over 15 years ago and started building our dream pretty much right away.  We got married and started our family and the dream has always been three.  Sean comes from a big family, but Laura is an only child who was adopted and always dreamed of siblings.  Ethan arrived 3 years into our marriage, and Gavin was two years behind him.  We have been searching and praying for number three ever since.  We assumed the baby would come as quickly as our others, but life has a funny way of working out and giving you what you need over how you expect it to come.  So here we are, ready to start this journey with you.

We have a lot of love to give.  Our home is full with family, friends, and dogs.  We celebrate the big and small stuff and do our best to mark every moment.  We love to laugh and create memories.  We travel quite often and have a lot of close connections and relationships.  We have a lot to give, but are also surrounded by people who love and give to us.  We are pretty lucky, but also work to maintain our connections and we don’t take any of this for granted.   Family is our greatest value and motivating force.

We don’t know you yet, but want you to know that although we can’t imagine the circumstances that brought you here, the choices you are faced with, or what it means to be in your shoes, we know how much you love your baby.  We respect you and admire you, and we trust that you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got and we promise to do the same.

As an adoptee who reconnected with her birth mother as an adult, Laura has learned how much you have to love someone to give them this gift.  We can’t make it less painful, but we can promise to stay open, listen, be supportive, and love this baby.  We are committed to our dream and to our family.  And this baby is the soul that completes our family.  Without you, we won’t become parents again and our boys won’t get to be brothers to another.  Thank you for considering our family and being open to getting to know us.

With love and gratitude,
Our family <3