Dear Birth Parent/s,

We are thankful for the time you will spend reading these pages, as it shows you are approaching this decision carefully, protective of your child and determined to find him or her the best family. Writing this letter is surreal because it holds the potential to complete our family.  

We hope you will quickly feel a connection with us as you begin to get a picture of our personalities and the kind of life we would provide your child. We don’t know how you are feeling as you approach this decision, but we will be here to listen and support you in any way we can. If at the end of this process you give us the privilege of raising your child, we hope you will be an integral part of his or her life and ours.  

We are confident that we have the love, wisdom, and commitment it takes to be parents to this little one. If you choose us, we promise to raise your child with integrity, provide the best opportunities, bring the fun, and love him or her fiercely! We will always treat you with respect, honoring your natural role in this child’s life. It’s difficult to convey genuine emotions in writing, so we would consider it a privilege to meet and get to know you in person. 

With tremendous gratitude, 

Marty & Catherine