Dear Birthparent(s),

Hi there! We are Catherine and Marty. If you could hear our voices right now, you would quickly recognize our Southern accents.J We met eleven years ago on a blind date in North Carolina where we both grew up and have many fond memories. We quickly fell in love, married in less than a year, moved to beautiful Colorado, and hoped to be parents one day.

Our desire to adopt has grown as we spent time around the precious little ones in our family and after ten painful years of infertility.  As Christians, we believe that adoption is close to God’s heart. He has wide-open arms ready to adopt and fully accept us as His children to love as His own. We feel privileged to be a part of something so meaningful and life-changing.

We are still very much in love after ten years of marriage and are each other’s best friend and confidant. We have found ourselves longing to pour some of this love back into a child that we can raise and love together. Because we are starting our family later in life, we are blessed with resources to provide an excellent education, plenty of outdoor adventures, wide variety of travel, and all that a child would need to explore the world around them. We value looking outside of ourselves and serving others too, which we hope to pass along to our child.

We have a pretty traditional home life with a lot of work-life balance to raise a child. Marty enjoys his job as an electrical engineer for the local power company. He is fun-loving, has a great sense of humor, level-headed, great at golf, enjoys hiking, biking, and anything outdoors. Catherine has been a teacher for several wonderful years. It was during her years in the classroom nurturing children, that she grew even more passionate about being a “mom”. She now works from home planning Bible lessons and crafts for preschoolers at our church. She is a great listener, witty, a loyal friend, and loves a good practical joke. She enjoys hiking, baking, reading a great novel, meeting new people, Tarheel basketball, and traveling. Our jobs provide flexibility for family trips out of town or relaxing evenings at home.

We have had many ups and downs in our own lives and feel that a child needs a strong foundation of love, faith, and self-confidence. We believe the wisdom we have gained from our own mistakes and triumphs will make us better parents. We will walk beside our child through laughter, tears, successes, and disappointments. We hope to teach them they are valuable, not because of what they do, but because of who they are.

Even though you cannot hear our voices, we hope you will hear our hearts. If you choose to entrust us with this priceless gift, we promise to love and pray for our child, listen to them, help them learn from mistakes, and nurture their gifts and talents with open hearts.  We are wishing the best for you and hoping one day we can listen to your heart as you have so graciously listened to ours.

With tremendous gratitude,

Marty & Catherine