Dear Birth Parents,
Foremost, we want to thank you for being able to make this tough decision, for already showing that you care for your child, and for taking the time to look through our story. As a couple, we are devoted to each other, our families, our friends that we’ve maintained since childhood, and our careers as educators. Now, we are excited about the chance to show that same love and devotion to a child.  Several years ago, we received the unfortunate news that we are unable to have our own children, despite always wanting to grow a family. We know that adoption is the right path for us, and since receiving this news we have worked toward fulfilling an adoption. It makes no difference whether a child is ours biologically or not, indeed before we became aware of our personal fertility issues, adoption was already one of our major, positive considerations.
We were both born and raised in Virginia and have recently moved to Colorado where we plan to settle down and build our family. We are both science educators, with Nick being a faculty member in the biology department at the University of Colorado, and Karen being a biology and physics teacher with Greeley Public Schools. We feel very fortunate to have stable careers that we truly enjoy, and that we look forward to going to every day. We also feel strongly in the importance of gaining a solid education, in reading and learning new things, but especially literacy in science and engineering. We believe that learning is a lifelong process: that every setting is a classroom, and any situation can and should be a lesson. Just because we are scientists does not mean we can’t appreciate other forms of learning. In fact we spend a lot of time experiencing new art –visual, natural, and musical.
We are a very easygoing couple; we love spending time exploring new foods and places. We also believe that we are very fortunate to have the close ties to family/friends even when there are thousands of miles separating us. Therefore, it is important that we give back to our community and never take anything for granted. We firmly believe in the importance of service to one’s community. We endeavor to raise a child surrounded by love. And maybe your child might be just the one. Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little about us!
Nick and Karen Pullen