Dear Birthparents,

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and know that our hearts are with you during this time.

Our names are Sean and Ashley. We are high school sweethearts who stayed together through Ashley’s college days at CSU. We married after college graduation and welcomed our son Ethan into our lives seven years later. However, more biological children aren’t a possibility.

Sean works as a control technician for Weld County and Ashley is an elementary school teacher. Ashley is a native Coloradoan, and Sean got here as fast as he could! We are both very committed to deepening our roots here and making a difference in this community we love.

Our hearts know that there is room for us to add another member to our family. Adoption is our dream, and it is a dream we’d love to share with you.  Thank you for reading and learning a little bit more about us.
With love,

Sean, Ashley and Ethan