Dear Birth Parent,

Although we have not met, we feel great compassion for you and your journey. We recognize that making an adoption plan for your child is an act of pure love, and we admire your strength and courage. We want you to know that we are looking forward to becoming first time parents, and that we are very committed to giving your child the best life possible. We truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and allowing us to give you some insight into our lives.

We are Terry and Nereyda Williams. Our journey began when we met in 2013. We quickly became friends and discovered we have many of the same values and goals in life. We fell in love and were together for 6 years before we married in 2019. We have been married for 2 years and look forward to a life full of adventures together.

We have been unsuccessful in starting our own family. We have seen doctors, discussed our options, and decided that everything happens for a reason. Through our infertility struggles, it made us more appreciative of our mixed and blended families. We are hopeful to add to it through adopting a child and we would love to give all our love and affection to your child. We live in a good community that is filled with many different cultures and people. You will always see kids playing out on our street in the evenings. Our home consists of us and our 2 little fur babies. We picked our girl fur baby, and she in turn picked her brother from an animal rescue. They are a good balance in our lives and bring us lots of joy.

We come from different backgrounds in life. Nereyda was raised in a traditional Mexican family in Northern Colorado with 5 siblings. She comes from a blended family; 2 siblings from her mom and dad, 2 half siblings and one step sibling. Her family does not believe in the term “half/step” siblings, they are simply brothers and sisters who hold a very tight bond. Family get togethers are full of laughter, comedy and eating great food while catching up on everyone’s daily lives. Terry was a military kid, which meant he moved around quite a bit. Terry was born in Germany and has lived in Hawaii, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and then settled in Northern Colorado about ten years ago. Terry has one sister and one niece. Though his parents are divorced, he has a close relationship with both of them.

There isn’t a holiday that is not shared with our families. We have become one big family that loves and laughs together.

We both have a passion for helping young people find their way in life, regardless of their background. Terry works with at-risk youth, teaching them about life choices and how those choices can affect their future. It is a prevention program to keep young people out of the juvenile detention center. Nereyda is currently employed by the school district working with youth with disabilities. She helps them overcome challenges they may face due to their disabilities. Our combined knowledge and interest in these areas is yet another commonality that pulls us together.

We would be honored to give your child all of our stability, energy, support and good fortune. Most importantly, we have a tremendous amount of love to give and extended family and amazing friends to do the same. We can only imagine the overwhelming task of selecting a potential adoptive family, and feel honored and blessed to be considered in your search for the right family to love and cherish your child.

Love, Terry & Nereyda Williams