Dean BarberAs a Board Member for Adoption Dreams Come True, and as a parent who has adopted a child, I see no greater value than that of bringing a child together with a loving family and giving that child the opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams. Adoption Dreams Come True, in the name itself, would lead one to believe the “dream” is focused on the adoptive parents. Although that is a part of the story, the real meaning behind the “dream” is the focus on the child, and providing that child with the opportunity to live a happy life and fulfill their dreams.

Adoption Dreams Come True has a talented, compassionate, and dedicated team who tackle the tough problems and roadblocks, provide continuous support and mentoring for everyone involved throughout the process, and they are relentless in their pursuit of providing a loving and safe home and family for the child. Again, the focus is on the child. They strive every day to make adoption affordable, and they tailor each fee schedule based on the financial wherewithal of the adoptive parents. Overall, this is an amazing organization, that I am very proud to be associated with and every day they are making “adoption dreams come true”.

Dean Barber