When we first arrived at Adoptions Dreams Come True, we were unsure if they could help us. Having gone through a disappointing experience with another adoption agency, we were wondering if it was time to give up our dream of expanding our family through adoption. However, once we met and talked about our situation with Adoption Dreams Come True, they continued to smile as they reassured us that, with enough patience, we would be able to find what we were looking for with their help.

Although the wait was a rollercoaster ride of emotional ups and downs, Adoption Dreams Come True was there to talk with us, reassure us, and lend their support time and time again. Just when we thought we would have to go through the holidays once again with no news, we received a phone call from Adoption Dreams Come True that our wishes had come true—we had been chosen by birthparents to adopt a baby boy!

At the hospital during delivery, we were unsure of how to proceed, what to expect, or what to do next. Adoption Dreams Come True was there for Max’s birth, and with other staff present throughout our days at the hospital. They continued to check in on our new family and watch us all thrive, never hesitating to give their love and support. When we found ourselves finalizing our adoption, we had the staff of Adoption Dreams Come True there, smiling and as happy for us, just like our family and friends. Even after all this time, we still consider the wonderful staff at Adoption Dreams Come True as part of our family!

Kelly & Russ