After finding out we couldn’t have our own children, we decided to turn to adoption. We researched different agencies: locally, domestically and internationally. This is how we found Adoption Dreams Come True!

From the first moment we walked through the door we felt welcomed and comforted, even though we were personally in a “bitter” stage of our lives. The staff answered all our questions and didn’t judge us; actually it was the complete opposite, they embraced our feelings and made us feel comfortable. We began the process and even though there is a lot that goes into adoption, we never felt like we were alone because ADCT’s staff was right there to answer any questions that we had. After everything on the “paperwork” side was done, the waiting game began.

A year later we received “the phone call” that forever changed our lives. We were told a baby girl was born the day before and that the birthmother choose us! Immediately we jumped in our car and sped up the mountains! We were united with our baby girl and birthmother, while having the ADCT staff right there to facilitate the whole process. It was the most amazing and beautiful experience we have ever been through. 24 hours later, we were driving back home with a newborn in our backseat!

From the beginning we didn’t know what to expect with an “open” adoption and honestly, we were scared. Going through the required adoption classes helped break down the barriers that we had regarding open adoption. And when we finally meet Katrina’s birthmother, we couldn’t imagine not having an open relationship with her. She is the most amazing, selfless individual we have ever met! We see each other about four times a year and talk/text at least once a month… this was our choice and wouldn’t want it any other way! Katrina is everything that we always dreamed of and we have ADCT to thank for this gift.

Not only is the staff extremely professional, compassionate and friendly; they guided us through the whole process from start to finish with the adoption of our beautiful baby girl. We were so happy with the process and ADCT’s staff that we have started our second round of adoption with the agency.

Adoption Dreams Come True helps make couples dreams become reality through adoption, while at the same time educating and supporting everyone involved. They embrace the beauty and complexity of every birthmother and adoptive parent’s situation and story. We believe this is the strength and difference between Adoption Dreams Come True from other agencies.

Brian & Karrie