Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our little family.  We know that you have a big decision on your hands, and have been praying for you to have peace during this time.  Rest assured that no matter what choice you make, the family you pick will love your baby more than words can describe.

We (Thad and Makenzie), met in 2005 through a mutual love of soccer, had a whirlwind romance, and got married in 2006.  We chose to wait to start our family for a few years to establish our life together, start a few businesses, coach our High School sports teams (soccer for her, wrestling for him) and generally goof off.  When we were ready to start our family we found that we could not conceive on our own.  We started down the road to fertility treatments, and after a few rounds of IVF we were blessed with one embryo; our son Fielder, was born May 2016.  We both come from large families and know how great it is to have siblings and a large support system around you.  It is with the dream of growing our own family, and making Fielder a big brother, that we have begun our adoption journey.

We live in a small mountain town in Colorado, where we live an active lifestyle filled with biking, hiking, skiing, and various other outdoor pursuits.  We own and operate 3 businesses (2 construction companies and 1 gym), which allow us to set our own schedules, and get a lot of quality time together as a family.  We enjoy spending our time together visiting our cabin nestled in the woods, playing “basketball knock-out” with our friends, traveling to places near and far, and having rambunctious family dinners where we may or may not have a noodle throwing contest on Spaghetti night.  We are both blessed to have our families close enough to visit on a daily basis.  Our times together as a family, no matter the location, are some of our best and most cherished memories.

With the birth of our son Fielder, our life has become more full, rich, rewarding, and of course sometimes challenging.  We have grown as parents, husband and wife, and as human beings with him in our lives.  He shows us how to live with wonder, excitement, and an open mind.  He has reaffirmed our strongest value that time spent with the ones you love, is never time wasted.

We are obviously trying to put our best foot forward to make a great impression on you, but know that we have flaws and fears just like everyone else.  Our imperfections make us real; we don’t always get it right, but we can promise you this: we will make sure your child knows that he or she is valued, accepted, and cherished every single day of their life. We will challenge them to face their fears, stand beside them when they fail, and unconditionally love them every step of the way.

Thaddeus, Makenzie, and Fielder