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What Makes Adoption Dreams Come True Different?

Support That Keeps You In Charge

Unplanned pregnancy brings a host of questions that feel monumental and even impossible to answer. In this key time, it’s important to connect with people who respect your autonomy and can help you understand the resources available to you. At Adoption Dreams Come True, we help birth parents across Colorado navigate these intense waters.

Our unbiased approach makes us a source of empowerment and comfort for birth parents who are facing difficult circumstances. We believe birth parents need allies who understand their situation and won’t try to sway them in any particular direction. As such, we offer an outstanding array of services, including legal counseling, lifelong support, and more. You are welcome to get in touch with our team any time and get started. 

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Birth Parent Support & Advocacy

Adoption Dreams Come True is different from other organizations in Colorado because we safeguard your right to choose what happens with your unplanned pregnancy. We understand what it is like to stand in your shoes, and we bring no other agenda to the table but to educate you and tend to your emotional wellbeing. Without unbiased, respectful support, facing an unplanned pregnancy can take a significant toll on you, so don’t go it alone. Choose our gentle support, and let’s walk this road together.

Adoption Dreams Come True is a place where all emotions and questions are welcomed. We’re here for the hard conversations. In fact, we’ve organized our services so it’s easier for you to have the conversations you might not be able to have anywhere else in your life.

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Talk. Breathe. Find Hope.

We offer free birth parent counseling because we believe that every parent has the right to discuss their situation with someone who is supportive and caring. The only hurdle to getting support that safeguards your dignity and autonomy should be a phone call, and that’s exactly how it is at Adoption Dreams Come True. We know that this is a crucial time for you, and you don’t deserve hidden agendas, emotional manipulation, or biased solutions. Instead, you deserve to be able to look at your situation with clear eyes and an ally at your side.

Our birth parent counseling is truthful, unrushed, and kind. We help you understand every option available to you and respect your right to decide. When you meet with your counselor, you can depend on them to open up a space for you to be real. It’s what you deserve.

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You Deserve Support From People Who Understand What You’re Going Through

Adoption Dreams Come True was created to help you find answers. Contact us today

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Together, We’ve Got This

Adoption Dreams Come True is different from other organizations you might find in the area because we offer both emotional counseling and legal counseling — and we’re experts in both. We understand the massive complexity that can show up around unplanned pregnancies, and we aren’t afraid to step into the fray with you. Whether you’re trying to have a reckoning with your emotions or you’re discouraged by the legal ramifications of certain paths, you can depend on us to sit with you, listen, and provide powerhouse solutions.

Options Counseling — If you feel shocked and stunned by your unplanned pregnancy, you aren’t alone. Many parents experience the same thing. A good way to move out of the numbness or panic you may feel is having a conversation with someone who understands the intensity of the situation. In our options counseling, you’ll be able to move from a space of unknowing shock to concrete options that keep the power in your hands.

Relinquishment Counseling — If you decide to relinquish your child, we’re here to walk you through the emotional and legal aspects of the situation. We’ll help you understand the process and provide a safe place where you can be real about how you’re experiencing everything. This is your story, and we’re on a mission to help you move through it with kindness and dignity.

Peer Counseling — Community is absolutely essential when you’re going through a new and challenging situation. Our peer counseling will connect you with other birth parents who have been in your shoes. You’ll be able to talk with people who know exactly what you’re going through and have the capacity to honor your journey while giving you hope.

We also offer lifelong support, labor and hospital support, and more.

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You Deserve A Safe Space

Adoption Dreams Come True is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving birth parents who are considering all of their options, not just adoption. We believe that it’s important to honor the personhood of our clients, who often find themselves assailed by many opinions. We relieve the pressure you may be feeling from your current community and offer clarity, calmness, and support. No matter what you decide, you’ll get the same unconditional support before, during, and after.

We understand the intensity of what you’re going through, and we want to be a source of peace and safety for you. Contact us at Adoption Dreams Come True or simply stop by any time.

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Let’s Walk This Journey Together

Adoption Dreams Come True is committed to transforming the stories of birth parents for the better. Our services infuse unplanned pregnancy situations with empowerment, hope, and clarity.

Our expert team has the skills to help you navigate the emotional and legal aspects of your situation in a way that honors your needs and desires. We won’t rush you or push you toward a particular solution. Instead, we create space for you to make your own decisions, and then we help you move forward.

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Connect With Us In Colorado Today

We understand that reaching out for help might seem like the last thing you want to do. You aren’t alone in that. However, should you decide to get support, we would be honored to be your chosen team. When you’re ready, reach out to us or come in for a visit. You deserve the support we can give you. Choose Adoption Dreams Come True today.

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