Baby Adoption With Us

Adoption Dreams Come True, Inc. provides services for babies in designated, open, and semi-open adoptions. While we are a proud Colorado adoption agency, we do also work with interstate adoptions as well. We typically place infants and occasionally place children up to 1 year of age.

We provide complete adoption services on a sliding fee scale. These services include home studies, adoption counseling, adoption CORE education classes, legal relinquishment/termination, placement, post placement and adoption finalization.

An adoptive applicant may begin the process of adoption with Adoption Dreams Come True by contacting the agency for a free consultation. A free consultation will provide a detailed explanation of the entire adoption procedure in order to make you as informed as possible before you make a final decision.

For more on the adoption process at Adoption Dreams Come True, please refer to our Adoptive Parent FAQ.

The Baby Adoption Process

  • Adoption Consultation
  • Application
  • Acceptance
  • Education
  • Homestudy
  • Portfolio development
  • Presentation of portfolio to birth parents
  • Introduction of birth and adoptive parents
  • Counseling support for adoptive and birth parent prior to birth of the child
  • Hospital support
  • Placement of the child
  • Post placement supervision
  • Legal relinquishment, termination and finalization
  • Interstate Compact if applicable

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