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We’re an Advocate For You

At Adoption Dreams Come True, we are a strong advocate for you as a birth parent as well as adoptive parents. If you’re considering adoption, we know that it can be an emotional and difficult time. That’s why we offer support just for you to help with all options for pregnancy. Keep reading to learn more about our counseling services at Adoption Dreams Come True as well as the legal counseling requirements for birth parents in the State of Colorado. When you’re ready, contact our office in Fort Collins to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our caseworkers.


Is Counseling the Same as Therapy?

Many people confuse counseling with therapy, however, there are big differences between the two. Counseling is the process by which a counselor helps an individual understand and solve problems to help him or her cope with mental or emotional stressors and make decisions around those stressors. Counselors work with the patient to determine the best way for the counseling sessions to provide preferred outcomes, and a counselor can recommend therapy as a next step if needed.

Therapy, on the other hand, involves talking about your unique situation as a way to gain understanding about mood issues, feelings, behavior, or your way of thinking. Unlike counselors, therapists can diagnose and treat disorders. Adoption Dreams is dedicated to offering you individual counseling to help you through this incredibly difficult period. We will see you through all of your options for pregnancy.



Any person who plans to petition the court for relinquishment of his/her child must obtain counseling about the relinquishment from a licensed child placement agency or a county department of social/human services. A court may refer a petitioner to a licensed child placement agency for counseling.

An agency must provide counseling to birth parents without regard to age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability of wither birth parent. The content of the counseling must include at least the following:

1. Discussed of the birth parent(s) motivation to consider relinquishment of the child(ren).
2. Discussion as to whether the birth parent9s) have been pressured or coerced to relinquish the child.
3. Discussion as to whether the birth parent(s) have been promised or have received money, goods, services, or anything of value to motivate the relinquishment of the child(ren).
4. Discussion of alternatives to relinquishment and the resources available in the community if the birth parents(s) choose to parent the child(ren).
5. Discussion of the permanency of the decision to relinquish a child(ren).

6. Discussion of lifelong loss and grief issues that include, but are not limited to, helping the birth parent(s) identify and understand the present emotional impact of the relinquishment decisions, and gaining an understanding of possible future grief-related emotions and behaviors.
7. Discussion of the life-changing effect of pregnancy and birth of a child, including physiological changes.
8. Discussion of the birth parent(s) and birth family's social development history, including the gathering of information regarding previous losses and life stability.
9. An assessment of the birth parent(s) ability to understand the consequences of the

relinquishment decision and her/his ability to intellectually and emotionally understand the options.
10. Discussion regarding the identification of the birth father(s), the serious ramifications of failing to provide known information and the possible impact to the finalization of the adoption.
11. Discussion of whether the birth mother or the birth father is a member of or are eligible to be a member of a Native American Tribe.
12. Discussion that the birth parent(s) may only be reimbursed for pregnancy related expenses.

You Don’t Have To Go Through Your Unplanned Pregnancy Alone

Adoption Dreams Come True is here for you. Contact us today.


Understand Your Options With Our Help

Adoption after an unplanned pregnancy is a complex and emotional process. With Adoption Dreams Come True, you have a partner to help you navigate the process and the feelings that you may experience throughout. Our Birth Parent Program, includes Options Counseling to help you understand every single one of your options when it comes to navigating an unplanned pregnancy. Whether it be termination or adoption, we will support you. You are not alone in this. Contact Adoption Dreams Come True today.


Talk to Someone Who Has Been in Your Shoes

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through because they’ve been through it before. That’s why we offer Peer Counseling at Adoption Dreams Come True. Through Peer Counseling, you can meet with individuals who have had an unplanned pregnancy and made the decision to relinquish their child. They can talk to you about what to expect from the adoption process as well as how to handle some of the difficult emotions that you may experience during and after your pregnancy. Through Peer Counseling at Adoption Dreams Come True, you can get the support you need and a friend you can trust.


Create an Adoption Plan With Guidance From Our Team

If you’ve made the decision to relinquish your child and your rights as a birth parent, our team will work with you to create an adoption plan that works for everyone involved. This means going through the details as far as labor and delivery go, choosing an adoptive family or parent(s), and deciding which type of adoption is best for you, your child, and their adoptive parent(s). This means choosing an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. An open adoption allows you to have contact with your child, a semi-open adoption allows contact through your adoption agency, and a closed adoption takes away the option of contacting your child once the adoption is finalized. If you’d like to talk to a counselor about your adoption plan, contact Adoption Dreams Come True today.

Get in Touch With Us at Adoption Dreams Come True Today

You don’t have to navigate the adoption process or go through your unplanned pregnancy alone. At Adoption Dreams Come True, we offer lifelong support for birth parents to you through the entire process, no matter at what stage of pregnancy you may be. Contact us or stop by our office in Fort Collins today.


Care & Support for Birth Parents

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