The Dream Guild is a group of individuals organized to support Adoption Dreams Come True, a local non-profit licensed adoption agency serving the state of Colorado. The guild offers its members two levels of participation: Active, for those individuals who want to volunteer their time for Dream Guild activities, and Supportive, for those individuals who want to support the agency financially.

Dorothy Fitzgerald, founder of the Dream Guild (left); Cindy Sarai, founder of Adoption Dreams Come True (right)


The Dream Guild serves a number of roles:

  • Increasing public awareness of Adoption Dreams Come True and the needs of the Agency and its clients, as well as community education and child advocacy
  • Raising funds for the benefit of Adoption Dreams Come True through organized fundraising events and contribution solicitations consistent with the policies of Adoption Dreams Come True
  • Organize and promote activities and events which directly benefit the children and parents served by Adoption Dreams Come True
  • Provide direct volunteer services in accordance with the needs of the Agency

Specific activities include:

  • Bingo at Loveland Bingo Planet each Monday at 1pm
  • Handmade greeting cards
  • Handmade quilts, each adoptive family receives a personalized quilt at their adoption finalization
  • Sale of microfiber cloths and King Sooper cards
  • Volunteer in the Dream Room
  • Annual Spring Luncheon/membership drive

In Memory Of Our Dear Friends

Sarahmae Okers

1931 – 2021

Mary Yocum

May 1939 – June 2021

Active Members of the Dream Guild

Dorothy Fitzgerald

Nancy Hane

Paula Hirneisen

Tina Luby

Cindy Lopez

Pat Markley

Carol McGuigan

Carn Meagher

Jana Meyer

Barbara Moir

Julie Peralez

Lisa Plahuta

Suzanne Shaw

Patty Thompson

Barb Urynowicz

Jackie Wagner

Mary Yocum

Donna Young

Supportive Members of the Dream Guild

Kathryn Barisoff

Liz Brown

Lois Bruss

Joan Cast

Judy Clough

Rhonda Cooley

Luretta Dawsey

Mike Dawsey

Bette Dawson

Audry DeVries

Pay Dignan

Jan Douglas

Boni Fanning

Sara Fry

Carole Gano

Beverly Gilbert

Judy Goodhart

Marcia Harris

Dee Hogeland

Connie Huddleson

Judy Johansen

Sharon Katona

Linda Kaysen

Judy Keiss

Jan Kurtz

Katie Lautzenheiser

Joan Leathery

Faith Letzelter

Eileen Maelzer

Fenton Martin

Linda Mesnard

Nancy Michel

Bruee Moir

Joyce Novovesky

Rudy Peralez

Nancy Pieper

Donna Polar

Diana Pronko

Aggie Rainwater

Susan Robinson

Patricia Sparks

Pat St. Onge Noel

Desiree Street

Moose Thompson

Jeanne Thomas

Phyllis Titterington

Regina Trapp

Lee Travnick

Monica Welch

Rachel Werner

Pam Williamson

Cassidy Young

Gary Young

Loretta Young

The Dream Guild of Adoption Dreams Come True (ADCT) is seeking active members who wish to share their time and talents to support the ADCT agency. The guilds primary objective is to find people who want to achieve the ADCT goal of “Creating Families and Delivering Dreams” serving to create permanent safe and loving homes for children. We are personally rewarded through our commitments and fund raising projects and have fun in our ongoing activities.

For more information or to attend one of our guild meetings, please contact Membership co-chairs
Patty Thompson
or Barb Moir at