Dear Birthparent(s),

We truly appreciate you taking the time to read through this and commend you for your strength and courage to choose adoption. Our names are Lovre and Jessica Brajkovic.

First, we will start out with our lives right now. We live in a ranch style house. We have two very happy and energetic dogs named Nola and Roxy. Lovre has worked for Nationwide Insurance for 14 years and has been a Bodily Injury Claims manager for years. He always says “he bleeds blue” because Nationwide has been nothing more than great to him. Lovre is also a very happy, energetic person and loves everything about life. He shows daily that there is happiness in everything around us. Lovre’s main interest are fitness, anything outdoors, and sports. Jessica has worked in the apartment industry since moving to De

nver eight years ago. She currently works for a small company in Denver as their Assistant Regional Manager. She loves her job which enables her to have flexible schedule and work from home weekly. Her main interest is really anything that involves her dogs and husband. She loves to be lazy but she also loves to be active. Her love for animals can be described from others as border line obsessive. She is a vegetarian, but Lovre is still a meat eater! She volunteers at the local shelter and donates monthly to non-profits that save farm animals.

We met three months after both of us moved to Denver, CO. Two years after we met we were engaged and a year later married. We are not always traditional people so we decided it would be fun to marry in Las Vegas. Although it was temping to have Elvis marry us, we ultimately did decide to go more traditional in the ceremony! We have been married 4 ½ years now and our happiness and love continue to grow with time. Jessica grew up with a single mother and was blessed with a pretty perfect step father at the age of 11. He has truly showed Jessica that blood does not matter when it comes to a father’s love. We are very close to our immediate family. Unfortunately, Lovre’s family are not close enough to have Sunday dinners with but we manage to stay close either way. Lovre was born and raised in Croatia until the age of 18, which if you know where his country is then good for you! If not, you are not alone because neither did Jessica when they met. We have been to Croatia together four times and it’s understandable why it was hard for Lovre to leave a country so beautiful! We are blessed that we can travel there and have so many friends and family welcome us home. Both our families are supportive and excited for our journey of becoming parents.

Adopting a child means so much to both of us it’s impossible to express on paper. We know with every inch of our beings that we will be great parents. We have so much love, energy, respect, and patience to give and teach. We bought our house not solely on our wants but what would be good for our child. We are both in our late 30’s and are 100% committed and ready to become parents. We hope to become parents soon but are patient enough to wait for years.

We end this letter by again commending you for your courage. If chosen by you, we promise to give your child the most amazing life we can offer. We will make sacrifices to ensure he/she does not live without. He/she will know love in huge amounts of hugs, kisses, support, warmth, and laughter. Thank you from two people that are truly happy and honored to be even considered to raise your child.