From us to you

Why do we want to adopt? We cherish our home of silly pets, community of adventurous and caring friends with kids, and close connections to our families. We feel really lucky to have found the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, and we want to grow a family together. We can’t wait to build a family together connected to our heritages, nature, learning and travel. We found each other later in life, and started trying to get pregnant as soon as we got married, but while we were trying to get pregnant, Rina was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the radiation caused infertility. Rina is cancer-free now (yay!) and we are more ready than ever to build our family. We have looked into foster and other different options and decided we really want to adopt a baby. In the future we also hope to adopt an older child from Ecuador, where Rina used to live and we have wonderful friends. 

Plus, we both really like kids. We’ve spent years being around kids: coaching little league, teaching, being aunts and uncles. We are so ready to play and explore with our own son or daughter; share our excitement for learning and show them things they may not learn in school. We want to give them a ton of opportunities and then let them decide what they gravitate to. 

We imagine you’ve already had to make a lot of decisions, and we want to acknowledge how big of a decision adoption is and truly thank you for considering adoption. Thank you also for reading all these portfolios and considering all these families. For one lucky family who almost certainly waited a really long time and feel very ready to give all their love to a child, adoption will make life fuller and more rewarding. 

If you end up picking us, we’d like you to know that your child will be loved forever. We want our child to grow up in a house where they know they are safe, and they feel loved and encouraged to express themselves for whoever they are. And we will work hard to raise our child to be caring, considerate and accepting of others. If there is something in this portfolio that speaks to you, we’d be excited to meet you and see where it goes. Thank you so much for considering us. 

Rina & Jordan